Safety Innovation

Driver Technologies’s Mission is to make driving safe and accessible for everyone.

Driver Technologies, Inc. was founded on a simple idea: humans have technology that can save millions of lives and prevent 10s of millions of serious injuries every year but is currently financially out of reach for 99% of the world. We are here to change that.

Vehicular Accidents

Prioritizing road safety can make a difference. It is one of the most overlooked ways of saving lives. In 2016, road traffic accidents accounted for 1.35 million deaths. This gives traffic accidents a higher death total than HIV/AIDS or Tuberculosis. Globally, even in higher-income cities like New York City, negative traffic accident outcomes are seen to be directly correlated with lower income.

  • 93%

    deaths occur in low/mid-income countries

  • 20-50mil

    disabled or injured victims each year

  • 7-22%

    loss in GDP over the next 24 years

  • 1st

    in deaths for people 5-29 years of age

MADAS Technology

Seeing how smartphones revolutionized communication and navigation for billions of people inspired us to deliver driving safety and connectivity in the same, simple way.

We’ve created the world’s first “MADAS” - a Mobile Advanced Driving Assistance System and are continuing to improve it every day. We study dangerous driving scenarios from all over the world with the goal of democratizing mobility safety.

Join Us

If our mission resonates with you, please reach out to us. We are growing our team and are partnering with fleets, driving schools and industry leaders in mobility and safety to help share our safety capabilities and learnings.

Safety Innovation Research

At Driver Technologies, Inc. we live and breath vehicle safety. We are rapidly becoming the industry leader in understanding driving behavior globally with the intention of creating safer roads for everyone. Our goal is to move the entire mobility industry forward and welcome individuals, organizations and all types of partners with a shared vision of safe, inclusive transportation to join us on this journey!

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Innovation at Driver Technologies, Inc.

From safety and driving behavior to fair, low-cost, usage-based insurance, we love innovation! If these categories of research and development are your passion we’d love to connect.

Safety innovation/driving behavior analytics

Insurance based on safe driving not credit scores

Roadside assistance

Fuel efficiency and gas discounts

Let's move the world forward together

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