Intelligent Safety

A data-driven approach to creating safer roads.

There were 4.37 million front & rear impact crashes in 2019 – accounting for 79% of all crashes in the U.S. that year

Driver could have prevented or recorded them, and assisted in a quicker resolution.

Technology that accounts for human nature

Forward Collision Warnings
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Research: Dash cams increase driver safety

Data from over 17,000 drivers found using Driver’s dash cam and safety features, drivers improved safe driving behavior over time. Check out our feature on Yahoo Finance to learn more.

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Your anti-stress driving experience.

According to 92% of Americans, the greatest source of distraction behind the wheel is driving while worried. We have added these services to help you be at your best and to create safer roads.

Driver Score

Visualize your progress as a better driver.


Boost your GasBuddy discount by up to 4x.

An evolving ecosystem for safer & more equitable roads

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