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Next-gen assurance with Cloud Sync – The most seamless cloud storage solution on the market.

Rethinking cloud storage for dash cams

With Cloud Sync technology, get instant access to your videos in SD quality enriched with location, speed, and g-force data from any browser worldwide after completing your trip:

  • Save storage and auto-delete trips from your Driver App with peace of mind
  • All trips will be available for 90 days
  • Unlimited saves - Keep important/memorable trips on the cloud forever
  • Option to sync full HD videos over Wi-Fi
  • One-click sharing via URL
Driver's Dash Cam

By pairing your DriverApp with DriverCloud, you no longer have to wait for your videos to sync from your dash cam to your phone and subsequently to the cloud. Protecting your trips on the cloud is as simple as getting on with your day.

Go Premium

Unlock the full potential of the DriverApp with DriverPremium

With an active DriverPremium subscription, you get

  • DriverCloud with Cloud Sync technology
  • Driver’s AI safety features
  • Nationwide roadside assistance directly from your DriverApp
  • Gas discounts
Driver Cloud Desktop View

The Driver Way

In our vision, car safety is simple. We strive to provide you with complete coverage when you step into your vehicle in 3 steps:

  1. Our AI safety features will do their best to protect you from the most common causes of accidents.
  2. Our dash cam features will always have your back in the event of an incident.
  3. Our roadside coverage will aid in a quick and easy resolution.

Forward Collision Warnings

Get audio alerts to warn you if you're getting too close to the car in front. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), forward collision warnings reduce front-to-rear crashes with injuries by 27% and front-to-rear injury crash rates by 20%.

Drowsy Alerts (Coming Soon)

Traveling alone at night? The DriverApp will sense if you’ve dozed off and alert you to keep you awake while traveling to your destination. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in 2017 drowsy driving was responsible for 91,000 crashes in the United States.

Headway Monitoring (Coming Soon)

By giving yourself an adequate trailing distance from the vehicle in front of you, you reduce the risks of a collision. This is the perfect driving educational tool in poor weather conditions, especially for new drivers.

How To Subscribe

To start your DriverPremium subscription today, download DriverApp and create an account in [Profile] once you're in the app. Test drive these features for free with a 7-day trial.

Launching Driver Premium

Today at Driver Technologies, we are very excited to be offering our first Premium subscription offering. While in beta, many members of our Driver community have reached out with product suggestions, requests for cloud storage and have asked how they can help support our mission - we've answered with what we think is the best premium driving offering in the market!

Delivering and democratizing best-in-class safety features worldwide is our passion. By upgrading to a DriverPremium account, you will be directly supporting the ongoing development and improvement of our Forward Collision Warnings (available today) and our Distraction and Drowsiness Warnings (coming soon)! That said, we are a mission-driven company, so if you or your organization have a strong interest in the safety elements of our product and cannot afford DriverPremium, please reach out to us directly to discuss options.

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