Protection for your fleets made simple.

Protect your Fleet with Driver Dash Cam

Driver can help protect your fleet through:

  • Outfitting your fleet with designated phones or iPads to run the Driver Dash Cam App to record your fleet's trips and analyze them through our industry-leading analytics platform, DriverCloud.
  • Optimizing any existing devices your fleet has to run Driver and gain access to the DriverCloud.
Driver's Dash Cam

Driver, the Dash Cam App

Driver, the #1 rated and most reviewed Dash Cam App in the App Store, turns your phone into a dash cam for free. Designed for all drivers: easily record all your trips through the app.

As a fleet protected by DriverFleets, you will have access to the Driver app and the unique features listed below.

Brand New iPhone SE or iPad

Driver can outfit your fleet with either brand new iPhone SEs or iPads, outfitted with the Driver app and accessories like a dash mount to easily run Driver during trips. These devices can also be used to run any apps your fleet already uses.


DriverCloud Fleets

All videos captured through the Driver app get uploaded to the DriverCloud. By partnering with Driver, fleet owners can view their entire fleet's videos through a single login. In the DriverCloud, fleet owners can view all telematics data to learn more about driving behavior and share any videos for claims purposes.

Driver Cloud

Roadside Assistance & Gas Discounts

Get nationwide roadside assistance, powered by Honk, for any captured incident on video while using the Driver App. Your coverage is active the moment your fleet is set up. Through our partnership with GasBuddy, have access to gas discounts when you use the Driver app.

Gas pumping