Turn Your Phone Into A Dash Cam

Introducing Driver™, The Dash Cam Super App.

How It Works

Step 1: Mount

Mount your phone on your dashboard and charge your phone. Need a dash mount? Purchase one here

Step 2: Go

Open Driver™ and start driving! Driver™ will automatically start recording when it senses that your vehicle is in motion

Driving With Driver

Achieve peace of mind on the road. Driver™ is fully integrated with your car’s OS, e.g. Apple CarPlay to provide a hands-free & distraction-free driving experience.

Video First

View videos directly on your phone complete with accompanying data from your trip. Have everything you need immediately when you need them the most.

Driver with the Assist

We take our mission very seriously. Driver™ is our platform for safety innovation and delivers the tools to be your ideal driving companion.

What Our Drivers Say

We exist for our drivers. We pride ourselves in providing tremendous value through Driver™. Always feel free to let us know your thoughts and ideas on how we can be even better.


“Driving in New York is like the Squid Game every move is very risky, fortunately Driver App is there for me. Driver, the worry free driving app. Driver, extra safety for free. A study found that ride share drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents because of the amount of hours on the road. Driver app gives me the peace of mind with the anti-collision alerts and recording drives.”


“The Driver app is by far the most useful and convenient app ever! So simple and definitely keeps the mind at peace on the road knowing you're covered in the event of an accident! Last but not least, it's FREE to use!”


Download the App

Join our community of drivers across 100+ countries who are committed to making safety more accessible.

Let's move the world forward together

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